• Ash Forrest

Made to Order Pizza Paintings & Linocut Process

About a year ago I started this small oil painting of a pepperoni pizza for fun. I put it on my shelf about halfway through and moved on for a while. Then a buddy of mine from Twitch Creative, cheeze_pizza (who live streams making HOMEMADE pizza every weekend!) messaged me and asked me when I was going to finish it and if it was for sale. And BOOM, custom pizza paintings are now a thing. I wanted to do something cute for the packaging, so I carved up a little lino cut pizza slice to stamp on kraft paper to wrap it in. You can see a little process video of that here:

As some of you might know, I'm obsessed with food illustration and food themed art, so this is definitely the first of many many future food series. Get them while they are hot! These are custom made to order - you choose the toppings!

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