• Ash Forrest

Kevin + Emily | Shades of Grey | St Louis Wedding

I have been good friends with Kevin for well over 10 years now. I've said this a million times, but he is one of my favorite humans. He is an inspiring force to be around - so energetic, creative, enthusiastic and genuine. He's someone who values real connections, real passion and real, shout-it-from-the-rooftops love.

There is a song Kevin wrote, many many years ago. I remember one of the nights he was writing it. It was at Donny Schaefer's house (because wasn't it always?) and it was probably 2 AM. I remember the excitement he had in his eyes as he was picking the melody on his ukelele - or mandolin? I'm not quite sure which instrument it was, but what I do very vividly remember is Kevin remarking that this song was going to be for his future wife. Life is a maze that has a destination There was a time I had no way

You came along and caught me by surprise

You were the one that was my saving grace Oh, those shades of grey My time of need I had no inspiration

You showed me what it means to love again

I pictured the times that we've spent together

I've pictured the times that roll around the bend

It's when we're old and grey We've been through hell and back

Life hasn't been too kind

But we'll hold on to the moments we know are sublime

So take my hand Tell me you're mine Life is a maze that has a destination Cause I've found you, my source of inspiration I know it will last Cause when I think of me and you I think of shades of grey

Oh baby, when I think of you

It's when we're old and grey Kevin ended up proposing to Emily while recording this song in a studio. I was there to capture it on film for them, and it was one of the coolest moments I've had the opportunity to experience. And after meeting Emily, I am 100% certain that Emily is Kevin's soulmate. I am so happy I was there to document Kevin and Emily's wedding day. She was a flawless bride and their love for each other was evident throughout every moment of the day. Keep your eyes on these two, they are going to accomplish huge things together!

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