Let me help you refine your brand and marketing strategy and take it to the next level.

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Who can I help?

I've helped multiple individuals establish their brand online, including stylists, real estate experts, non-profits, visual artists, musicians and speakers.

I've managed the marketing and logistics for multiple podcasters.

I've done branding and event design for several live events.

I've helped creatives leverage live streaming platforms to increase their reach and plan engaging content.

I thrive when helping people who are passionate about their projects, have a unique story to be told and want to make a positive impact on the world. 


When I get off the phone or leave a meeting with Ash, I always feel like anything is possible. She is patient and forthright. She is continually staying ahead of the curve of an ever evolving social media marketing landscape. I'm so grateful for guidance and expertise.


—  Becky McFarland, Stylist

Evaluate Your Current Strategy

Social Media Auditing, Reports, and Advice

Are you ready to level up your online marketing game but aren't in a position to completely re-work your entire marketing strategy? You have two options: Book a

one-off consultation or get monthly evaluations to help you adjust your plan as needed. Monthly check-ins give you the chance to ask questions and get a professional opinion on where you should make changes in your current strategies and systems.

  • Consulting calls to answer your questions

  • Customized marketing checklist based on your needs

  • Get a report with feedback on your existing social media

  • Get recommendations based on your web and social media profile analytics


Reboot Your Online Marketing

Deep Brand Audits, Marketing Strategy, and Assets

Are you ready to take a more in-depth look at your branding and marketing strategy to develop your business further? I'm here to help you build a brand that attracts and keeps the right kinds of attention. Not only will you learn how to create such a brand, but I'll help you identify where and how to get your message to your target audience effectively. By the end, you'll also receive strategies for building long-term organic reach on search engines and relevant platforms for your audience.

  • Identify your mission and vision

  • Develop ideal client avatars

  • Plan your brand: Visual elements, colors, fonts, and more

  • Get custom assets ad-hoc: Logos, merchandise designs, website design, photography and more*

  • Learn how to unify your message and keep your brand consistent across all communications

  • Strategies for organic reach on search engines and social media platforms


* Services offered through my private network of incredibly talented designers and marketing professionals.


Systems & Operations

Marketing Operations Takeover or Training

Sometimes, you need additional hands on deck to turn your strategy from an idea and into something that becomes a reality daily. If you need help executing the day-to-day operations of your marketing strategy, I offer operational planning and execution services, as well as training for someone on your team. These are custom packages based on your needs, as defined through our consultations. Please indicate you are interested in marketing operations services when you schedule your appointment!



Photo + Video


Photography & Video Production

Don't want to use stock photography or video? My team can provide original content for your brand. We are available for unique projects as well as batch content creating - meaning we spend one day together and create three months of content for your social media and marketing materials. 


Why hire me?

There is a lot of information available regarding social media optimization right now. When should I post, how often should I post, where should I post? Sifting through all the videos, articles, courses and convention panels for the nuggets of gold and knowing what will work best for your specific niche takes a lot of time, and social media is a constantly evolving landscape. Hiring or consulting a professional who knows what will work best for your goals will help you be able to focus on what you do best.


I am passionate about helping people develop their ideas into fully realized projects and businesses. My network is comprised of highly skilled individuals from the worlds of marketing and content creation who want to see fellow creatives and artists thrive instead of survive.