photographer | filmmaker | artist

For as long as I can remember, I have loved telling stories. Creating them, portraying them, expressing them through any and every medium that takes my imagination and I can get my hands on. Over the years, this interest has manifested in illustration, abstract painting and printmaking as well as design - but my obsession has become photography and film.

I love to capture those more intimate and honest moments that truly show what is there to be discovered when even the subtlest detail can be the most significant. I always aim for my photography to speak to that most instinctual, most emotional, most receptive, responsive and personal level.

I love that sense of energy and uniqueness that comes with small businesses in particular and I can't wait to help yours nurture and grow or evolve and expand. I can't wait to help tell the story of your business, your creation, your product, your purpose. Lets create and tell that story together.