Abstract Art

Ash Forrest's large abstract paintings combine uncontrolled washes of pigment and splatter with conscious application of thicker layers. Her work is largely informed by landscapes and maps with vivid color palettes inspired by nostalgia and memories.

Commissions available upon request.

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Cake Paintings

These are small, bite-sized art pieces that resemble homemade cakes.

Eat The Rich  10
90s Denim Cake
Gummy Bears & Pills
Disney Cake
Max's Cake
Mermaid Cake
Chocolate Funfetti
Gummy Bears & Pills Detail
Eat the Rich 9
Eat the Rich 8
Eath the Rich 7
Eat the Rich 6
Eat the RIch 5
Eat the Rich 4
Eat the Rich 3
Eat the Rich 2
Eat the Rich 1
Chocolate DIsney Cake
RHPS Cake Painting
Fried Egg Cake
Disney Cake
Pink Cake
Cosmic Brownie
Pink Cake

About Ash

Ash Forrest is a painter, printmaker and photographer with a BFA from Southern Illinois University. Throughout her life, she has dedicated herself to the arts, and currently works on creating both large and small paintings that are both visually stunning and emotionally engaging. Her work is characterized by the use of vivid, bright colors and a heavy emphasis on texture, inviting viewers to explore the pieces and find their own connections and interpretations. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Forrest is also a dedicated member of the arts community. She serves as a board member for Artscope in St. Louis, a nonprofit organization that provides arts education to young people in the area.

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